Websites with details of integrative health professionals, nutritionists, clinical trials and general cancer-related information.

Advanced Nutrition
List of natural health and nutrition professionals in the US.

American Society of Clinical Oncology, (ASCO)
For unpublished research, and postings of abstracts from their meetings.

The Brain Tumour Charity
A comprehensive support and information service if you or a loved one has ben diagnosed with a brain tumour

British Medical Association
For clinical trials database in the UK

Cancer Active

The Cancer Cure Foundation
For alternative cancer treatment options.

Cancer Index
Guide to Internet resources for cancer.

Cancer News on the Net
For sources of the latest developments in cancer research and treatment, this website searches cancer information sources on the Web and organizes the information by cancer type.

A search engine that locates health information websites relating to cancer:

The Carcinoid Cancer Foundation
For research and education on carcinoid and related neuroendocrine cancers.

Children’s Cancer Web
Provides a directory of childhood cancer resources, including a directory of clinics worldwide.

Drug Info Link
Provides general information about pharmaceutical companies and drug information sites.

Advice on how to find an orthomolecular doctor:

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORT)
This is a major European cancer research co-operative with

Fighting Cancer
Self help site with books about cancer survival.

4 My Head
is an online hats, scarves and wigs shop for hair loss. We have been designing headwear for cancer patients since 2006 using British seamstresses to make each hat and scarf.

Journal of Orthomolecular Oncology
Provides a listing of health care practitioners who are associated with their

Online advice and links on diet and health.

Health Hunter Online
A website with up to date information about orthomolecular and nutritional research.

Hypnotherapy Directory
This website provides a hypnotherapy support network, enabling those in distress to find a hypnotherapist close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will provide those seeking support with all the information they need.

Full-spectrum nutritional protection for cancer sufferers.

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology
A network of dental, medical and research professionals dedicated to non-toxic, biological dentistry.

International Union Against Cancer
Works in cancer prevention and control. Runs the World Cancer Congress.

Jashcroft (hats, scarves and wigs etc)
At Jashcroft, we have a great selection of hats, headscarves, wigs, beanies, berets and other headwear. You can also buy from our selection of non-wired Lepel bras, Sloggi cotton bras, Shock Absorber sports bras and Triumph Triaction sports bras and non-wired bras.

Website for cancer sufferers written by health-writer Lily McCann, curating and collecting the best
resources for those who need to know where to turn for help and support.

Life-coaching Directory
This site provides the UK with a huge life coach support network, enabling individuals to find a life coach close to them and appropriate for their needs. This is a free, confidential service that will help those seeking a new direction in their life to find the encouragement they need. Every life coach on the site who has a full profile has either sent a copy of their qualifications and insurance cover to us, or is registered with a professional body with recognised codes of ethics and practice, this way we can be assured of their professionalism.


Life Extension Foundation
An organisation dedicated to finding scientific methods for addressing disease, aging, and death. It funds scientific research aimed at achieving an indefinitely extended healthy human lifespan. Good supplement information.

Medicine Net
Practical information for healthy living.

Information on conference summaries, news, patient resources etc for healthcare professionals.

Mesothelioma Symptoms
This is an extensive database of information and resources for patients and their families to better understand the symptoms of mesothelioma and the various aspects of diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and many other factors of survival.

Mesothelioma treatment.
Mesothelioma is a very aggressive cancer, so patients and their families may struggle when determining the best treatment option. We aim to provide information to help improve survival rates, reduce pain, and increase quality of life. There has been many advancements for the treatment of Mesothelioma in recent years, and we strive to provide the most up-date information on these treatments.

Mesothelioma Help Now
Our website was created to be a source of hope and empowerment to those affected by mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Hope
We are committed to providing hopeful information and resources on top mesothelioma treatments, specialists, financial options, and more.

Get detailed information about the disease, including symptoms, diagnosis, stages, treatment options, life expectancy and more

Mesothelioma Veterans
Mesothelioma patients and families can access support for the emotional, financial, and other difficulties that come with a diagnosis.

Mesothelioma Lawyer Centre
In addition to providing visitors with comprehensive mesothelioma cancer information, this website also helps asbestos victims recover money for medical treatment and other expenses.

Health care for U.S. Veterans
Dozens of programs and services provide veterans with top-quality care. Learn about some of the best health care resources for veterans.

My Colon Cancer Coach
My Colon Cancer Coach is designed to help people affected by colon cancer better understand their disease and treatment options. By answering a few simple questions about their tumor stage, patients receive a report outlining treatment options that may be appropriate, which they can share with their doctor to help chart a treatment course.

National Cancer Institute of Canada
This is a co-operative oncology group which carries out clinical trials in cancer therapy, supportive care and prevention across Canada and internationally.

National Cancer Institute US
PDQ (Physician Data Query) is NCI’s comprehensive cancer database. It contains peer-reviewed summaries on cancer treatment, screening, prevention, genetics, and supportive care, and complementary and alternative medicine; a registry of more than 6,000 open and 17,000 closed cancer clinical trials from around the world; and a directory of professionals who provide genetics services.
Also CANCERLIT with more than a million citations and abstracts from journals, proceedings, books, reports, and doctoral theses.

National Centre for Alternative and Complementary Medicine
The US Federal Government’s lead agency for scientific research on complementary and alternative medicine.

The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine
This foundation aims to identify breakthrough complementary and alternative therapies and to research and report on their effectiveness.

The National Organisation for Rare Cancers (NORD)
An online database with information on uncommon cancers, and patient specific trials.

Natural Standard
Provides evidence-based information about complementary and alternative therapies.

New Approaches to Cancer
A registered charity providing support, advice and information about natural cancer treatment.

Nutrition Associates Ltd
Offer medical advice and treatments based on nutrition and allergy principles.

Very comprehensive site with every possible cancer resource. Including information about chemotherapy drugs and their side effects.

Oncology drug database
For chemotherapy drug information.

Patrick Quillin’s nutritional health site

People Against Cancer
People Against Cancer is a non-profit, member-supported, public benefit organization dedicated to finding the most effective treatment for their members’ type of cancer.

Pleural Mesothelioma Center
Our website has the most up to date and comprehensive information about Pleural Mesothelioma on the web today; with information ranging from a complete list of symptoms, to treatment options and steps to take after a diagnosis.

Skin Cancer Guide
This guide highlights what is skin cancer, what are the symptoms and why prevention is important to name a few.

European Internet service for Cancer research, treatment and education providing links to primarily European information resources and services related to Cancer.

Vitamin C therapists
The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) to find an integrative medicine doctor in your area. You can call their Physician Referral Hotline 1-888-439-6891 or go to their website at

Victoria Health
This is a comprehensive online supplements and body care site, with individual advice from a trained naturopath and pharmacist.

Yes to Life
This  helps you make decisions about an integrated approach to your cancer treatment, including general information via a helpline and access to nutritionists, alternative therapists and oncology nurses.

Your Choices Cancer Help Centre
Dr Patrick Kingsley’s cancer advice centre site.

This section provides diverse information for practical, positive steps you can take to start helping yourself now.

The 5 R's have a good deal of science behind them, they incorporate the natural laws of good health.

Other options to explore and consider once you have made the positive lifestyle changes discussed in The 5 R's.