The 5 R's of Cancer Recovery & Survival

The 5 R’s have a good deal of science behind them; they incorporate the natural laws of good health.

Anti-Cancer Strategies

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? This section provides knowledge, practical advice and positive steps you can start taking now.

Self Help & Resources

Taking a combined and holistic approach. This ever growing section provides resources and information on complementary therapies, nutrition, health boosting recipes and much more.

Research & Trials

Survive Cancer is a Charity which promotes and researches orthomolecular medicine in the treatment of cancer. We are fully committed to research and the setting up of our two proposed patient trials.

Start by following as many of the 5 ‘Rs’ (for Recovery) listed below as you can. The more you can do, the better. But take it easy… don’t get stressed if you can’t do everything, or all at once. Set yourself small, achievable aims and build it up slowly. And enlist the practical help of family and friends too.

If you follow the below, you will not go far wrong. The newly-diagnosed cancer patient is usually swamped with conflicting information and does not know what to think, or where to begin.

The 5 R’s of Cancer Recovery and Survival have a good deal of science behind them; they incorporate the natural laws of good health. If you want to try additional therapies and approaches you will be safest if you keep to things which are natural and non-toxic, or of low toxicity.


The 5 R’s of Cancer Recovery & Survival


An anti-cancer diet is one that is as close to nature as possible, without additives and undue processing. [learn more…]

2. STRESS CONTROL: Relaxation & Visualisation Techniques.

Cancer is stressful. There is evidence that stress can contribute to its genesis. Given the connections between mind and body, stress can almost certainly exacerbate the disease. Learn a relaxation technique and practise it daily[learn more…]

3. EXERCISE: Regular, Aerobic, and within your capacity

Exercise gives you energy over time. If aerobic, it raises “endorphin” levels – the pleasure hormones – and therefore counters depression. It oxygenates your body properly and [learn more…]

4. DE-TOXIFICATION: removing both internal and external environmental pollutants

This can range from removing all your mercury alloy fillings to removing other excess heavy metals from your system by chelation therapy, [learn more…]

5. SPIRITUAL, Emotional and Psychological Healing

If you are unhappy, or unfulfilled, try and change your life. Do not be afraid if you think the changes needed are radical [learn more…]


Number 1 of The 5 ‘Rs’ of Cancer Recovery & Survival

This section provides diverse information for practical, positive steps you can take to start helping yourself now.

The 5 R's have a good deal of science behind them, they incorporate the natural laws of good health.

Other options to explore and consider once you have made the positive lifestyle changes discussed in The 5 R's.